Executive Scouting & Search

Executive scouting & search combines ambition for today and tomorrow. Proactive exploration of leadership capabilities and potential. Identification of leadership talent in existing management teams. Based on solid (international) sector expertise and experience in high-tech, IT, manufacturing and government.
  • Searching for leaders with impact?
  • Stable and permanent?
  • Facilitating the selection process?
  • Objectify individual competences and behaviours?
  • Sounding board for your executive team?
  • Leadership development?
Then it is time for reflection and a good conversation.
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Team Development

Team development starts with two key questions:
  • What does the team want to achieve?
  • What is the common view in the team about our current status?
UMEO then takes actual team dilemmas and focuses on the ‘real thing’: be that motivational factors, feedback and communication or team dynamics. We test real time how things could be done differently to change and improve. We agree the next steps, the new ways of working and interventions to provide concrete stepping stones to the future state.

UMEO uses a variety of tools and methods, like simulations, real life exercises and relevant exercises. The patterns of activity in your team provide insight into team learning and growing team effectiveness. The key success factor is a common team experience and the insights and meanings arising from that. UMEO partners in a non-judgemental way with the team, acting as a sparring partner for the individual as well as for the team as a whole, using counseling competences, originating from managerial experience and expertise in many different corporate contexts.

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Cultural Transformation

Organisations do not transform. People do. That is why cultural change starts – as far as UMEO is concerned – with idea generation at leadership level. But successful influencing of an organisational culture requires excellent insight in the ‘as-is’ or current situation. The values, competences and subsequent behaviours of leadership, management and teamleaders - including the institutions from the past - become obvious in the structures, policies, systems, procedures, talent management and even the job grading system. Changing your organisational culture starts initially with identifying the key values of your organisation. We use a variety of tools and methods to objectively describe the ‘as-is’ situation.

UMEO has successfully assisted several organisations with their transitions and is happy to match our experience with your ambition. Do you want to explore what we can bring to the change?

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HR Consultancy

Marjon Margés has many years of experience with different companies and markets as an executive search consultant, external assessor, facilitator and management consultant. In addition to HR projects like talent management, organisation design, career development, mobility, organisational development and the professionalisation of the HR role from transactional to business partnership.

UMEO helps clients to bridge strategic business objectives and organisational development. Together we explore questions like:
  • Which are the HR topics that currently matter?
  • What patterns can be identified?
  • Where is the energy?
  • Which ideas are there about growth in the future?
By supporting staff and management on self diagnosis, UMEO assists in key interventions in the proces of engagement. This enables accountability and creates ownership, self-reflection, and thoughtful analysis of the organisation and the common objectives. The ‘how’ follows the ‘what’: strategy follows objectives. Collaboration creates the foundation for the necessary steps and interventions. Together UMEO and the client create the path for change. Management is the owner as well as the sponsor, whilst HR has the important facilitating and communicating role. A true triangle, using the expertise of and in the organisation – and UMEO - to the maximum.

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